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– We are the UK’s National Collection Holder of Primula sieboldii Japanese cultivars; and, since June 2021 we are also pleased to be awarded National Collection status for our Epimediums. You can purchase our Primula sieboldii and Epimediums, plus a range of Ferns, Japanese woodland grass and other choice plants from our online shop.

Our shop has closed for our annual spring-clean of the nursery.  It will re-open in a couple of weeks

Spring 2024.   After a very busy and even wetter winter, we are looking forward to the next few months of hard work on the nursery; and the move into propagation mode for our collections.  

We are still learning how best to propagate our Primula sieboldii in significantly reduced peat composts.  We have found that plants do not like to root down into the peat-free composts when they are cold, so we are going to have to revisit the best practice recommended of dividing and repotting the crowns when they are dormant.  Availability of our primulas will be affected as a result.  We tend to work on our other plant ranges in warmer parts of the year, so delayed rooting is not such a problem for them. 

Unfortunately, we can only send plants to UK addresses, excluding Highlands and Islands.  This is due to a combination of Brexit and unreliable delivery options.  The postage and packing rate (Mainland UK only) for orders of any size is £7.50.  Collections are postage free.

Jessica - Primula Sieboldii
Epimedium - Night Mistress
Primula sieboldii "Blue"
Sumizomegenji - Primula Sieboldii

About Penny’s Primulas (Staddon Farm Nurseries)

Staddon Farm Nurseries started out as a small nursery in 1996, with a particular interest in alpine and Asiatic primulas. In 2000, we began our collection of the Japanese “Cherry Blossom” primrose: the Primula sieboldii.

All our named Primula sieboldii are produced by vegetative propagation – they do not come true from seed. Those that originate from seed strains, for example, ‘Pago Pago’, we have selected what we consider to be the best form and use the parent stock for our divisions.

In 2015 Penny had the honour of spending time with Mr. Tsuneo Torii from Japan. Mr. Torii has spent much of his life working on the identification and classification of Primula sieboldii, resulting in a number of published books on the subject. For those who have used our website previously you may find a few alterations in the spelling of our Primula sieboldii cultivars to reflect Mr. Torii’s work.

We are sadly no longer able to deliver plants outside of mainland UK.  The combination of Brexit confusion and the excessive cost of phytosanitary certification prevents any export options. 

In 2024 we will again be exhibiting our Primula sieboldii and Epimedium collections at the early Cornwall Garden Shown and Malvern Spring Festival.  

In addition to the range of our national collection Primula sieboldii and Epimediums that can be seen in our online shop, we offer a range of Ferns and a select list of plants of interest that we usually have available for sale: “Our other choices“, including a range of the Japanese woodland “Hakone” grass and small numbers of other woodland treats. We often use these plants to complement our exhibits and regularly receive requests for them. We hope you find our listings of interest.

In our mail order, we seek to minimise our use of plastic on the nursery, particularly single use plastics.  However, if we receive goods wrapped in bubble wrap, we will re-use that in the packages we send out.

If you are interested in purchasing our plants by mail-order, simply visit our online shop and place your order. We will then confirm availability and cost, including delivery, by email.  All orders are sent with accompanying plant passport certification.

We accept all major credit and debit cards over the phone. We also accept payment by BACS.  Unfortunately we can no longer accept payment by cheque.

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We try to keep our web-site and shop as up to date as possible.  There will be times when plant ranges are shown as out-of-stock.  This is because we propagate almost all of our collection plants and therefore only have limited stocks of most each year.  We send out plants that are adequately rooted, so they will show as not available for some time after propagating. 

Primula Sieboldii

At Penny’s Primulas we have the largest collection of commercially available Primula sieboldii in the UK.

In October 2013 we were awarded National Collection Holder status by Plant Heritage for Primula sieboldii Japanese cvs. All our plants met the rigorous specifications required to be awarded this prestigious accolade.

Primula sieboldii make excellent and reliable garden plants and should give you years of pleasure. We have included sections on our website that give a brief history of the species and guidance on how to grow and propagate Primula sieboldii. We recommend that you treat them as an edge of woodland plant, growing in dappled shade in a soil that is free draining but does not dry out.

For UK customers we send the plants potted in 9cm pots.  

Popular Primula Sieboldii from our Online Shop:


    We have a growing collection of Epimedium species and cultivars and are continuing to add interesting new plants to our national collection.

    Epimediums are versatile and reliable hardy plants for shade and semi-shade.  All of our Epimediums are happy in dappled, or partial shade in good quality, free-draining garden soils that do not dry out. Our collection includes varieties that will also grow in dry soils and deep shade. Some will grow as clumps, others will be happy to slowly create ground cover.

    We send the plants potted in 9cm pots. 

    Popular Epimediums from our Online Shop:


    Our range of ferns reflects the use we make of them in supporting our exhibits of Primula sieboldii and Epimediums.  Most of them make attractive mid-sized specimen plants, forming manageable clumps.  Much of the range is influenced by the Japanese origins of our main collection and would be happily at home in a Japanese themed garden design.

    All to the ferns we offer are hardy.  We send them out potted in 9cm pots.

    Popular Ferns from our Online Shop:

    Special additions

    We have a limited range of other collectable plants that we use in our exhibits and in our plantings.  These are mostly suited to free-draining garden soils that do not dry out, in shade or partial shade.  We have found all of these plants to be hardy.

    Our collection of woodland Hakonechloa grasses continues our Japanese theme.  These make beautiful and easily managed tactile clumps and are ideal on paths edges.

    Popular Special Additions from our Online Shop:

    New Additions

    Penny’s Primulas prefer to despatch plants over the winter months whilst primulas are dormant. Plants may be sent out later in the year however.

    We offer a full mail order service whereby each plant is very carefully packaged and can be with you normally within 48hrs. In extreme weather conditions we may delay despatching your order to ensure they reach you safely. However, we will keep you informed at all stages. We will also include care instructions for your plants.

    Simply browse our Primula sieboldii, Epimedium, Ferns, and Other Choices Shop to choose the plants you’d like to order.