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Plant availability will be limited whilst we propagate and repot for 2021

Epimedium "Red Maximum"

Most of our epimediums and ferns are temporarily out-of-stock for now. This is the time for us to split and prepare our plants for next season. Our collections will be available again later in autumn, once they have rooted. The Hakone Grasses and Primula sieboldii lists will be addressed soon as well. We will update […]

Plant Passports to accompany all internet sales

The EU Directive  PHR – (EU) 2016/2031 came into force in mid-December 2019. This is aimed at improving the bio-security over the hygiene and health of plant materials sold across Europe. Our Plant Passport is designed to create traceability of the origins of the plants sold via our internet sales. The plants that we sell […]

We are updating our website

Priorities for our website update We have many reasons for maintaining our website. The main ones are: to build a following for our on-line sales business to show off our national collection of Primula sieboldii to showcase our other key collections of garden-worthy Epimediums and ferns to provide good quality photographs of our plants Selling […]

Epimediums and Ferns to join Primula sieboldii

Penny's Primulas at RHS Malvern Spring Flower Show

2018 sees another guest page added to the Penny’s Primulas website.  Not only does the website include our National Collection of Primula sieboldii it now hosts both  Epimediums and  a modest collection of Ferns.  Both of the latter plant groups are regularly used as part of our Primula sieboldii displays at the RHS shows at Cardiff, Malvern and Chelsea.