Epimediums and Ferns to join Primula sieboldii

Penny's Primulas at RHS Malvern Spring Flower Show

2018 sees another guest page added to the Penny’s Primulas website.  Not only does the website include our National Collection of Primula sieboldii it now hosts both  Epimediums and  a modest collection of Ferns.  Both of the latter plant groups are regularly used as part of our Primula sieboldii displays at the RHS shows at Cardiff, Malvern and Chelsea.

Melvyn has been set the challenge to complete the pictorial up date for the Fern page before we move into March!!  Well hopefully before the weekend?

All of our plants are sold in 9cm pots.  For those of you new to Primula sieboldii we have reintroduced the offer of any three cultivars, of our choice, for £20.  This includes p&p.  Whilst the Ferns have their own offer of any three plants of your choice for £12 – p&p is extra.

Placing an order at this time of the year affords you the largest selection of plants and the best opportunity for your order to be fulfilled.  As a specialist nursery we often only have limited numbers of certain cultivars, especially with Primula sieboldii and the Epimediums.  Even if you are not ready to receive plants just now, for example, because of the weather, we are happy to reserve plants for you and send them out later in the Spring.

Overseas Customers – for those within the EU we send plants bare rooted and this works well.  Delivery time on receipt of payment is normally less than five days.  Unfortunately for those outside of the EU, due to constraints relating to Phytosanitary certification, we are unable to fulfil your orders.  The cost to yourselves generally proves to be prohibitive.

Where to find us around the country.  The season for us ‘kicks off’ at the RHS show in Cardiff – April 13th to 15th.  This is in the wonderful setting of Bute Park in the centre of the City of Cardiff.  A stroll around the park is to be recommended, an oasis in amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy city.   What a lovely time of year, just as everything is starting to wake up.

Four weeks on and we take our Primula sieboldii to the Malvern Spring Festival – May 10th to 13th.  An excellent show ground with a beautiful back drop of the Malvern Hills.  At this stage Spring will have really arrived and everything looks fresh and very tempting.

The final outing of the year for our Primula sieboldii is at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show – May 22nd to 26th.  It is a huge privilege to have been invited to exhibit at this prestigious event.  Once again we will be exhibiting the Primula sieboldii in a Japanese Kadan in an edge of woodland setting.

If you do get to visit any of these events, please do come up and introduce yourselves, it would be good to meet you.

Last year we brought in 47 new Primula sieboldii cultivars from Japan.  Another shipment is on the way for this year.  Hopefully you will see some of these on our new list in 2019 – watch this space?

Finally, for now, if you have any named Primula sieboldii not on our website, we would love to hear from you.

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