New Primula sieboldii cultivars in from Japan

We have just received our order of special plants from Japan.  This includes 15 new Primula sieboldii, including 11 doubles.  Can’t wait to see them flower.  There is also a new Epimedium and (I have no idea how these slipped in) an Asarum, an Arisaema and a Trillium.  Anyone would think we run a nursery for shade-loving plants!

Penny will be sharing photos on our Facebook page (Penny’s primulas) of the new plants when they flower.  However, for those of you that don’t want to wait that long, here is a sample of the new Primula sieboldii and Epimedium cultivars that we got from Japan last year

Epimedium Tama-no-Genpei

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