New Primula sieboldii cultivars for Staddon Farm Nurseries

Having promised ourselves not to take on many more Primula sieboldii cultivars we have just received an order for 47!!!  The opportunity arose and could we say no?!  Quite excited at this end.  They probably won’t be available commercially for another couple of years but…..  However, we are hoping to have a small selection of them in our Chelsea exhibit this year.  So watch this space?!

We are also hoping to launch a new Primula sieboldii at Chelsea.  It was orginally part of Alan Bloom’s breeding programme but was never named.  It has lived in their family’s garden ever since.  We were very fortunate to have been given a clump, which has proven to be not only very beautiful but also very garden worthy.  We asked the family to name their Primula sieboldii and it now goes by the name of  ‘Keepsake’.  This is to be launched at Chelsea and the proceeds of its sale will go to Special Olympics Plymouth District (SOPD), a charity that encourages people with learning disabilities to take part in sport. www.SOPD     Our son Stuart has worked as a volunteer for this group for the last four years and is currently their sport’s coordinator.

The April edition of Gardens Illustrated is covering Primula sieboldii, with the article having been written by Noel Kingsbury.  The photos are from our collection.   ‘Keepsake’ has been included, if you would like a sneak preview?

Primula sieboldii
‘Koharu Biyori’

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