New Website Addition – The Shop

We are proud to announce that we have made shopping on our website much easier! Previously our ordering system required you to remember the name of the plant you wished to acquire, find it in a long list and input the number you required. Sounds easy enough but as we have expanded that list just became far too large for our customers to navigate effectively.

The Solution:

Our new online shop allows you to interact with the plants in much the same way as many ecommerce systems you may be familiar with.

On arriving at the new shop page you have instant access to names and images of plants which you can add to your basket then and there. You can break it down by category should you be looking to buy Primula sieboldii in particular for example.

More than that you can use the filters in the sidebar on the left to narrow down the shown plants to those with specific attributes – such as an early season flowering date for instance!

So go on, experience our new shopping experience for Primula sieboldii, Asiatic Primulas and Epimediums! We hope to receive your order soon.

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