Plant Passports to accompany all internet sales

The EU Directive  PHR – (EU) 2016/2031 came into force in mid-December 2019. This is aimed at improving the bio-security over the hygiene and health of plant materials sold across Europe. Our Plant Passport is designed to create traceability of the origins of the plants sold via our internet sales.

The plants that we sell are categorised as being “Low to No Risk” of carrying harmful pests and diseases. We are authorised to continue our internet sales, as long as each sale is accompanied by a Plant Passport (or more than one depending on the original source of our plants).

We are therefore still able to send plants to our customers from the general public, as well as to horticultural and landscape businesses in the United Kingdom and European Union State members. The EU situation may change in early 2020.

There is no impact on our general public customers. All you will see is an additional piece of paperwork or two in your delivery. Trade customers will be aware that they will need to pass the Plant Passport details on to their customers.

Happy new year and best wishes for an enjoyable growing experience in 2020!

Penny and Melvyn

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