Primula sieboldii April 2016

Primula sieboldii 'Koharu Biyori'

Spring at last at Staddon Farm Nurseries.  Primula sieboldii are waking up and beginning to flower just in time for our exhibit at RHS Cardiff show (15th – 17th April).  The featured Primula sieboldii was donated to us by Steve and Angela Lobley.  It is proving to be an absolute stunner – ‘Koharu Biyori’. Sadly there are none for sale  but possibly limited numbers later this Autumn.

Although the winter was very wet and mild, the Primula sieboldii are beginning to respond to the longer days and slight increase in temperature.  On the nursery we would prefer a cold and bright winter which produces good healthy and strong plants with plenty of flowers.  It also helps to knock back pests.  Slugs and snails give the Primula sieboldii a wide birth.  We use a biological control called Met 52 in our top dressing  to control vine weevil grubs in conjunction with an annual repotting of all our plants.  From experience and published literature, we have found that Primula sieboldii do not appear to suffer from any specific diseases/viruses.  Possibly this can be attributed to their lack of commercialisation and the niche market they inhabit.

Our open ground Primula sieboldii, are a bit further behind.  Most have started to put up new leaf growth but I don’t expect to see any evidence of flowers for at least another four weeks.  So don’t panic if you are growing your plants outside and they are not showing any sign of shooting/flowering just yet.  Flowering time is also very dependant on which cultivar you have – they don’t all flower at the same time. For example, the ‘blue’ forms often flower late April beginning of May.  However, I do have some very good plants of ‘Frilly Blue’ in full flower just now!

If you can’t make the Cardiff show we will also be exhibiting our Primula sieboldii at the Malvern Spring Festival 5th – 8th May.

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