New Primula sieboldii cultivars in from Japan

We have just received our order of special plants from Japan.  This includes 15 new Primula sieboldii, including 11 doubles.  Can’t wait to see them flower.  There is also a new Epimedium and (I have no idea how these slipped in) an Asarum, an Arisaema and a Trillium.  Anyone would think we run a nursery for shade-loving plants!

Penny will be sharing photos on our Facebook page (Penny’s primulas) of the new plants when they flower.  However, for those of you that don’t want to wait that long, here is a sample of the new Primula sieboldii and Epimedium cultivars that we got from Japan last year

Epimedium Tama-no-Genpei

Epimediums and Ferns to join Primula sieboldii

2018 sees another guest page added to the Penny’s Primulas website.  Not only does the website include our National Collection of Primula sieboldii it now hosts both  Epimediums and  a modest collection of Ferns.  Both of the latter plant groups are regularly used as part of our Primula sieboldii displays at the RHS shows at Cardiff, Malvern and Chelsea. Continue reading Epimediums and Ferns to join Primula sieboldii

Primula sieboldii and Epimedium lists of availability now updated.

We are building up to 2018 and have (belatedly – sorry) published our availability list from our Primula sieboldii and Epimedium collections.  We are currently updating other areas of our web-site; and hope to introduce our collection of young ferns for sale during January 2018.

Note that we have re-introduced our introductory offer of 3 Primula sieboldii for £20.00 including p&p.

Happy New Year

Our shop is temporarily closed while we prepare for next year

We have had to close our on-line shop so that we can focus our work on getting our primula and epimedium collections re-planted for next year.  We hope to re-open the shop by late autumn; and will advise existing customers by email of the availability for next year.  If you want to be added to that email list, please send us an email request to Penny.

Look out for our new list of ferns in late autumn as well!

New Primula sieboldii cultivars for Staddon Farm Nurseries

Having promised ourselves not to take on many more Primula sieboldii cultivars we have just received an order for 47!!!  The opportunity arose and could we say no?!  Quite excited at this end.  They probably won’t be available commercially for another couple of years but…..  However, we are hoping to have a small selection of them in our Chelsea exhibit this year.  So watch this space?!

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Primula sieboldii April 2016

Spring at last at Staddon Farm Nurseries.  Primula sieboldii are waking up and beginning to flower just in time for our exhibit at RHS Cardiff show (15th – 17th April).  The featured Primula sieboldii was donated to us by Steve and Angela Lobley.  It is proving to be an absolute stunner – ‘Koharu Biyori’. Sadly there are none for sale  but possibly limited numbers later this Autumn. Continue reading Primula sieboldii April 2016

New Website Addition – The Shop

We are proud to announce that we have made shopping on our website much easier! Previously our ordering system required you to remember the name of the plant you wished to acquire, find it in a long list and input the number you required. Sounds easy enough but as we have expanded that list just became far too large for our customers to navigate effectively.
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