Surviving summer 2018

It can be difficult to remember that this season started with hard late snows and bitter winds in March.  The wind caused much damage to our emerging plants; and our exhibit at RHS Cardiff in April was short on Primula sieboldii and Epimedium.  Our displays at both Malvern and Chelsea narrowly missed gold, but the public response was strong.

We are now working hard on the nursery to protect our collections and plants from this very hot summer.  Fortunately, we converted our poly tunnels into more shaded tunnels last year, so our shade loving plants are not suffering from direct sun too badly, but the heat and humidity are oppressive.

Our Primula sieboldii are still in full leaf in mid-July, which indicates that they are reasonably happy still.

We recommend that you water your plants in the early evening to allow the water to soak through in relative cool overnight, rather than risk boiling plants as a result of early morning watering.

Here is a selection of the new varieties that should be available soon.

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