We are updating our website

Priorities for our website update

We have many reasons for maintaining our website. The main ones are:

  • to build a following for our on-line sales business
  • to show off our national collection of Primula sieboldii
  • to showcase our other key collections of garden-worthy Epimediums and ferns
  • to provide good quality photographs of our plants

Selling our collections on-line

The main reason for us to keep our website running should be financial:  we want to continue to improve our on-line sales!  As a specialist supplier, we will never be a big player in the plant market.  Turning this into an advantage, ‘small-scale’ means that we can dedicate more time to each person that contacts us.  We want to continue to build our reputation for good quality sales and thoughtful after-sales service.  Those of you that have bought from us will know that we still have to contact you individually to arrange payment.  This is a bit of a pain, we accept; and we do lose some potential customers as a result.  However, it also allows Penny to talk to you direct and to make sure that we can get our plants to you at the best time.  Some customers even say that they like this personal touch.  It is always a real pleasure for us to meet our on-line customers who come up to us at the RHS shows and tell us how well their plants are doing.

We want to keep our web site easy to negotiate, so we do not want to overload it with too many collections.  However, we do sometimes get asked if we can provide other plants from our nursery through the mail order.  We will be talking to our website developer (Paul at Linedot) to see how we can develop a regularly updated “temporary” or “limited period” availability list of other shade loving plants for you to use.

Our national collection of Primula sieboldii

We have held the national collection of Primula sieboldii Japanese cultivars since 2013.  We like to be able to promote our national collection and make it accessible to plant lovers.  We exhibit ranges of our cultivars at the RHS shows at Cardiff (April), Malvern and Chelsea (both May).  Our website gives us to chance to give you a photographic record of the cultivars in our collection.


Our Cardiff display of Primula sieboldii, 2017

Our Primula sieboldii kadan at Chelsea, 2017

We want to be able to provide a photographic reference of all of the Primula sieboldii cultivars in our collection.  But we also want to avoid creating a long list of plants that we don’t currently have available for sale.  We will talk to Paul to see if we can find a way around this.

We want to share our knowledge on the plants in our collection, so one of the key updates will be in sharing more notes on the cultivars, such as history and origin.    If you are able to contribute to our knowledge, we would love to hear from you.

Our collection is still growing.  The impact of this comes home to roost on the short winter days when I am out on the nursery splitting and repotting the collection plants and wondering if the task will ever finish!

Our collections of Epimediums and ferns

From the start of our exhibiting in RHS floral marquees, we have used Epimediums and ferns in our displays to give our Primula sieboldii plantings an attractive and  atmospheric setting.

Primula sieboldii in a garden with Epimediums and ferns, Chelsea 2017

Our range of Epimediums is now our second significant plant collection.  We have chosen to collect the more “showy” varieties, rather than follow any specific scientific objective.  We do have a number of cultivars that originate in South-West England, where we are based.

Our range of ferns is growing slowly.  We have chosen to focus on those species and varieties that like moist to wet soil conditions in partial to full shade.  That said – some are equally at home in sunnier and drier spots.  We can only sell young plants on-line.  The cost of sending mature ferns in prohibitive.  As a result, some of the ferns in our list might show as being not available in certain years.  If you are looking for specific ferns from our list, maybe we could arrange to take larger plants to one of the RHS shows that we exhibit at.

Making our photographic record accessible

I am not an expert photographer.  However, Primula sieboldii and Epimediums are highly photogenic, which enables me to get away with limited talent.

We are adding more photos to our website, which we hope you will enjoy.  If you have any photos that you are happy to share and happy for us to publish on our website (with appropriate acknowledgements) we would love to see them.

The update is ongoing

The update of our website is ongoing.  In early to mid-autumn we will provide updated Epimedium and fern availability lists.  The Primula sieboldii update is likely to be closer to later in winter.

Your patience is appreciated.

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