Winter 2021 – we are preparing to re-open our web sales from the end of November

Primula sieboldii 'Shiro tonbo'
Epimedium 'Amber Queen'
Epimedium 'Amber Queen'
Primula sieboldii in spring
Primula sieboldii in spring

We are again heading into shorter days and gloomy skies.  We have completed our work to propagate our growing collection of epimediums and our Hakone grasses and around half of our ferns.  We are now moving on to the long process of dividing up the Primula sieboldii collection and preparing sales stock for next year.  As a result, our on-line shop is showing mostly ’empty shelves’.  We expect to make our range of plants available again as follows:

  • late November – Epimediums and Hakonechloas
  • late December – Primula sieboldii and some ferns

We have decided that, based on the success of charging a single price for our epimediums and Hakonechloa, our collection of Primula sieboldii will now all be priced at the same rate of £7.50.  If our experience of the epimediums is repeated, this means that certain of our cultivars will only be available for a very short period of time.  In both cases there are some cultivars that are slower to divide and some that are only rarely available.

Sadly, we will not be able to make sales abroad for the foreseeable future.  In addition to the challenges presented by Brexit; and like any small specialist nursery, we are facing prohibitive phytosanitary and plant passporting costs for importing and exporting plants in small volumes.  Major horticultural importers and exporters appear to be less affected by this.  The promise, made only two years ago (in a lifetime before “Covid”), that small nurseries would not be punished by the new rules, has proven to be unreliable.

To finish, a couple of pictures of flowers:

Tricyrtis latifolia
Saxifraga fortunei "Benizakura"
Saxifraga fortunei "Benizakura" - coming soon to our shop
Epimedium spp brown leaved spreader
Epimedium spp brown leaved spreader - attractive flowers for this unnamed cultivar
Primula sieboldii 'Hidamari'
Primula sieboldii 'Hidamari'

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